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05/09/2014 Storm Damage


UK-Stanley #92 Rabbet/Trim Plane

This thing cost me $124.95 + tax for a total over $135 out the door at WoodCraft.  Once I got it home I DID NOT expect to have so many issues with this thing, as noted below:

The stock blade ended up at 0.0160" TOO WIDE.  You can see it sticking out the side of the plane and in use. While the this distance seems small when looking at the number, I can assure you that this interferes with getting a flat shoulder on one side of the plane while in use.  I will have to grind the blade to make it narrow enough to match the plane body.  The blade itself, also had a really bad stock grind on it, as both corners were rounded over requiring much work to reset a clean angle prior to honing.  When one is sharpening by hand, this adds up.

These screws, particularly the slots, are about the poorest I have seen.  They have been slotted manually by a hacksaw prior to being chromed.  The smaller slot is off-centered and is barely deep enough for a slotted screwdriver to use without destroying the slot.  I will probably go to the local "Fasteners" store and try and replace these screws/bolts.  Don't know if they are metric or SAE at this point.  The extra $40 or so it would have cost for a Veritas is looking like a bargain at this point because of the extra work and time that will be required to "fix" this UK-Stanley #92 Rabbet/Trim Plane.