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  Photos from a variety of locations, other than my yard and neighborhood.  Links to the left will take you to a page for the specific locations named.

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Crested Caracara and Northern Mockingbird 4/28/08

At the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County. An adult watching me closely, since I am near its nest tree. It doesn't seem to care about the mocker, though. I even saw doves and other species landing undisturbed, in and around the Caracara nest.

Caracara nest 4/26/08

A view of an active Crested Caracara nest on the Wilson's Ranch in Comal County (a few miles from my house).

Caracara Nestling 4/28/08

A young Caracara raises its head over the side of the nest. Follow the arrow to the baby--mostly beak at this age! (on the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County)

Caracara Nestling 4/26/08

Another view of the caracara nestling. (on the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County)

Gulls and Vultures 4/26/08

A flock of unidentified Gulls soars with the local Black and Turkey Vultures. (over the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County)

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 4/26/08

A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, sharing a territory with the Crested Caracara and its nest. (on the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County)

Wild Turkey 4/26/08

One of a flock of about 6, on the Wilson's Ranch, Comal County.

Black-capped Vireo 6/11/06

Seen at Camp Bullis, Texas, where I work on a population study of Black-capped Vireos and Golden-cheeked Warblers.

Black-capped Vireo 6/11/06

At Camp Bullis, outside San Antonio, Texas.

Black-capped Vireo 5/19/07

On its way to its nest, with food. At Kerr Wildlife Area.

Nest of BC Vireo 5/19/07

The very hard to see nest of a Black-capped Vireo. At Kerr Wildlife Area, near Kerrville, Texas.

Yellow-breasted Chat 5/19/07

Seen at Kerr Wildlife Area. There were several in the area, calling and displaying.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake 5/19/07

At Kerr Wildlife Area.

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