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    I worked many seasons as a bird surveyor/wildlife field biologist on the Endangered Species Survey project at Camp Bullis.  We didn't have a large population of Black-capped Vireos at Bullis, and there were limited training opportunities for the field crew because the birds were hard to find.  One season, our supervisor arranged for us to take a field trip to the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, outside Kerrville, Texas.  Not only was the population of Black-capped Vireos much larger there, and thus we would have the opportunity to see and hear numerous birds in the field, but there was a graduate student doing a study that involved banding--so we had the chance to see the BCVs up close and talk with someone who knew the birds habits very well.



Banding the vireos. Blood samples were taken for genetic testing.

Female Black-capped, banded and ready for release.

Another ready for release.

An adult male Black-capped Vireo put on a show for us.

The Bullis field team at Kerr.

Black-capped vireo nest.

Another view of the hard-to-see nest.

Western Diamondback rattler that startled us.

Yellow-breasted Chats were numerous at the WMA.

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