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Here are the resources that I use to post my sightings:

Email lists:

Comalbirders:   (membership required to read and/or post)

San Antonio Audubon:  (membership required to read and/or post)

Texbirds:  (membership required to post or respond; public viewing of posts)


Comal County Birders:



eBird:   a site for posting location specific observations, in a public or private format; keep lifelists; view and analyze submitted data, etc.

 Other Birding Links:

  All About Birds:  a great on-line field guide and resource to bird identification and behavior.  Identification pages include photographs and audio resources.  Articles address numerous topics, including how to tell some closely related species apart (Cooper's vs Sharp-shinned, for instance).

  Comal County Checklist:  checklist for Comal County, Texas.  Put together by the Comalbirders group.

  San Antonio Audubon Society:   website of the San Antonio Audubon Society, with a Bexar County checklist and descriptions and directions to birding hot spots in the San Antonio area.

  Warbler Woods:  124 acre nature preserve owned by friends, just northeast of San Antonio.  Private, but may be visited by contacting the owners (see their website).  Approaching 300 species of birds recorded on the property, including 40 species of warblers.  Blinds and water features offer many opportunities for photography.  No fee is charged, but donations accepted.


 Other Favorites:   My other half's website; astrophotography, critters, weather.

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